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Photo Shoots

Choosing the ambiance, setup, and uniqueness of a place is essential to creating a fantastic photo shoot. The Barn provides the perfect location for all types of photo shoots. As we are smack dab in the middle of Boone Falls Reserve, the surroundings add to the natural beauty and rusticness of our location. This setting makes us a top choice for both amateur and professional photographers from Tennessee and nearby states. We are also the perfect venue for individuals who want to take some nice Instagramable shots about the creek falls and capture the refreshing essence of just being around nature. The rustic barn, running water, clear blue skies, sun-kissed flowers, verdant trees and foliage make all ideal backdrops for photos.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoots and More 

Our spot is perfect for engagement, pre-nuptial, weddings or any occasion that couples want to remember with photos. Pre-wedding photo shoots can be done indoors or outdoor depending on the couple’s choice. The Barn’s beautiful garden offers plenty of possibilities for a photo session; as we are surrounded by nature, the trails, trees, and shrubs make for a dreamy, folkloric setting.

Add an atmosphere to a photo shoot by taking advantage of daytime, noontime or evening settings. From classic poses to candid styles, couples can lie on the grass or pose beneath a canopy of trees and underneath flowering shrubs. They can make use of the lighting conditions with full sunlight for bold and vibrant shots or manipulate shadows and overcast skies for a more scenic, deviant art-ish effect. As the sun sets, couples may hold hands below a strand of lights for a fabulous bokeh shot to counter the background dimness.

Our place is also excellent for family photo shoots. The Barn itself, with its red hues, is a background that makes for framing an excellent family portrait. Let that family love shine through with each frame by capturing the loving expressions and funny faces. Kids can use props in the uncovered outdoor area and play with bubbles and balloons against a clear blue sky. They could also do something active in our lush landscapes like jump, run, hop, or just be silly. Capturing people in motion sets a tone for a stellar photo opportunity.

Perfect Place for Photographers

A lot of people from Johnson City, Boones Creek, Tr- Cities, Kingsport, Bristol, Jonesborough, Piney Flats, and East Tennessee flock to The Barn for stellar photo shoots. Amateur and professional photographers love the countrified scenery. The cascading falls and other beautiful spots stimulate the senses and expand perceptions that can only be captured through photography.  Whether it is capturing conceptual, fashion, or landscape shots, our location is a prime photo pit stop for all photographers, digital camera hobbyists, engaged and married couples, families, photography students, models, and even those who just want to take a “selfie” with nature.

Come, explore, feel, see, learn, enjoy, appreciate, and discover The Barn at Boone Falls Reserve. It is a place surrounded by nature where you can grab wonderful photo opportunities and more. Contact us at (423) 388-8825 to coordinate your next photo session or make a reservation.

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